Proposal for v0.7.11 Upgrade

Proposal for v0.7.11 Upgrade

Dear Odin community,

We are excited to announce a forthcoming upgrade to the ODIN Protocol, transitioning to version 0.7.11. This upgrade is a significant step forward in enhancing the robustness, reliability, and overall performance of our network.

Here’s what you need to know:

Key Improvements:

  1. IBC Packet Issue Resolution:

We’ve implemented a fix for the IBC packet congestion issue, notably impacting transactions with Osmosis. This solution aims to improve transaction flow and reliability by rolling back incomplete transactions. Please note that while this fix enhances overall system performance, it might not address all channel-specific issues immediately.

User Advisory:

To protect your assets, please avoid transferring to Osmosis via channel 3 after March 8, 20:00 CET. Our system will automatically refund transactions stuck until this deadline. Transactions sent after this time may not be eligible for automatic refunds.

  1. Automated Refund for Stuck Transactions: In the spirit of enhancing user experience and trust, an automated refund mechanism has been introduced. This will ensure that any transactions that fail to complete will be automatically refunded, minimizing inconvenience and ensuring a seamless transaction experience. This means we don’t have to use company tokens to refund & this is much cleaner way to do things and move forward.

  2. Validator State Restoration: In this update, we are also reinstating the validator states for “DefiantLabs” and “Odin Mainnet 3.”

Upgrade Process:

To participate in this upgrade, validators are required to perform the following steps:

  • Compile the odind binary for version 0.7.11 from our official GitHub release page.
  • Place the compiled binary into the upgrades/v0.7.11/bin directory within your Cosmovisor setup.

This process is essential for a smooth transition to the new version and to ensure that your node remains in sync with the network.

Your Action Required:

As a valued member of odin community, your participation is crucial. We kindly ask all validators to prepare for this upgrade & execute the necessary steps before the upgrade height of 13,310,888.


The upgrade is scheduled to take effect at block height 13,310,888. We recommend all validators to complete the preparation steps well in advance to ensure a seamless transition.


We appreciate your continued support and collaboration as we strive to make the ODIN Protocol better for everyone.

Warm regards,

Odin Team


When is estimated time to reach this block?