New pools created in approach to increase $GEO usecases: ODIN/GEO - DOKI/GEO

In huge anticipation of usecases🔑 for $GEO, there´s now a step done closer to the goal of the creation of a future DAO for GEO holders.
I present you two new pools for acquisition of more $GEO in the future:

Pool 1777 (Pool #1777) - :axe:ODIN/GEO :crossed_swords:
Pool 1778 (Pool #1778) - :dragon_face:DOKI/GEO :dragon_face:

Next steps are updating the EVM Migration proposal (ODIN-GEO Liquidity Pool Creation and Token Migration (+EVM community airdrop)) to align with the goal to create a GEO Subdao on DAO DAO (

Have a nice day vikings! 🫵🏽

Also, please share your thoughts about the creation of a GEO subDAO here: Creating a SubDAO for $GEO Token Holders in the Odin Protocol Ecosystem