Keplr and Odin 494 derivation path

Early investors that moved their ODINs with the first versions of the bridge might have ended up with a 494 derivation path for their Odin address. After an update last year, Keplr started to import wallets with the 118 derivation path regardless if the investor had Odin funds with other derivations.

There are good news!
With a recent update, Keplr allows to import any coin with any derivation path, but the more exciting part is that if you already have funds in a 494 derivation path, Keplr will ask you what address you want to import.

This tutorial covers the Keplr browser extension.
Here is how you can achieve this:

Step 1: Backup your wallet keys

If you already didn’t do this, it’s a good idea to do this. There are multiple wallet configuration and ways to achieve this, but it’s not the scope of this article.

Step 2: Update your browser

Make sure you are running the latest version of your browser. Outdated versions might not support all the new features that Keplr enabled.

Step 3: Go to Kepr extension and delete your wallet

Open Kepr extension, click on the account (top right) and select the wallet you want to reimport.

Step 4: Go to Keplr extension and reimport wallet

Reimport the same wallet you just deleted. Use either keys or seed phrase. Follow the steps prompted.

Step 5: Import the 494 address

If you have funds in your wallet with a 494 address, Keplr will prompt you which derivation path you want. Make sure to select the one you need (in the example below will be one in the right).
Copy somewhere the 118 derivation address also (might be relevant later).

Step 6: Finish the import as prompted by Keplr

Follow the steps prompted on screen. In the end, you will have access at the funds you were having in the 494 address. If you staked, check mainnet if you want to undelegate or compound your rewards.

Step 7 (optional): Move the funds to a 118 address.

If you want, you can move the funds to a 118 derivation address. It’s just a matter of a regular transfer to any address. If you copied the address at step 5, you can send the funds there (of course, with testing small amounts beforehand and making sure it’s reaching the right address).
This can be useful if you want to use other wallets than Keplr to interact with your Odin funds.