How to Buy & Stake ODIN

This is a 3 step tutorial on how to buy and stake $Odin on Odin Mainnet. The guide is created with current buying options (Osmosis DEX). Follow the next 3 posts for each of the steps.


Step 1: How to BUY ODIN

Before we start, you must have the Keplr Wallet installed and funded with some OSMO.

Step 1.1: Acquire OSMO from a Centralized Exchange

Initiate the process by obtaining Osmosis, the native token of the Osmosis Dex. You can purchase OSMO from a centralized exchange that supports the OSMO network.

Step 1.2: Move OSMO to Your Keplr Wallet

After obtaining OSMO, transfer it to your Keplr Wallet. Log in to your Keplr Wallet, choose the “Deposit” option, locate Osmosis, copy your Osmo address, and proceed to withdraw your OSMO to this designated address.

Step 1.3: Link Your Keplr Wallet to Osmosis

In the following step, establish the connection between your Keplr Wallet and Osmosis, a decentralized exchange situated on the Cosmos network. Simply visit and integrate your Keplr Wallet (at the right upper corner).

Step 1.4: Activate unverified assets on Osmosis

Go to Assets on the left side, search $ODIN and choose Activate.

Step 1.5: Swap your OSMO for $ODIN

Proceed to the swap section to exchange your deposited Osmo for ODIN. Complete the swap to acquire ODIN.

Make sure you keep a small amount of OSMO in order to be able to cover the transactions fees later on.


Step 2 Move Odin from Osmosis to ODIN chain

2.1. Make sure Unverified Assets is ON

2.2. Go to Assets page

2.3. Find Odin and click on Withdraw

2.4. Follow the withdraw instruction prompted


Step 3 Stake on Odin Mainnet

3.1. Go to and click on Validators on the left side menu. Choose a validator, enter the desired amount of $ODIN and click on delegate. Confirm the transaction.

Make sure you keep a small amount of Odin in your wallet in order to have the fees for when making operation (withdraw rewards, undelegate, redeleagate).